Helena Green is a skincare fanatic. She began her extensive training in 2013 and has since worked in relaxation spas and medical spa settings, while also as a laser technician. She has a vast knowledge of skin care and enjoys educating her clients to help them fully understand the process and benefits of each treatment.






















Helena’s mission in opening her own skin studio is to provide a high vibration and result driven experience for her clients at a reasonable cost. She believes everyone deserves quality skin care as a form of self-care.


Helena was a Nashvillian before the hype, a true unicorn. She is a world traveler, music lover, avid reader, and a nerd at heart. She enjoys connecting with other like-minded positive energy people and believes everyone has their own superhero inside of them.



1400 Woodland Street, Nashville, Tennessee 37206

Sunday - Tuesday , 11am - 10pm


.....Helena gave me the best facial ever! I definitely recommend.

Amy G. 


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